Don’t date a street photographer.

She’s the kind of girl who roams around the city, handling her precious camera with so much care on one hand, always ready for what she calls “decisive moment”. Imagine the long walks with her? You may probably end up asking her to choose between your hand and her camera.

She’s never used to holding hands with somebody on the street. She would love it though. But she’s good at waiting for perfect moments to happen, most of the time. So you better be a bit aggressive if you’re stubborn and you insist on dating her.

Don’t date a street photographer.

She’s a walking contradiction. She explores and documents the street. She creates photos of the things and people that she finds interesting. She always try to connect with her subjects- people, graffiti, traffic signs, city lights. But soon after, she locks herself in her room. She stays in bed the whole day as she reflect on her experience the other day. Imagine how mentally and emotionally exhausting she can be?

She’s always after that depth of connection. She goes out on the street to find and experience soul-level connection with her surroundings. She’s eccentric. She’s a hopeless romantic. You better back off if you are a shallow motherfucker who knows nothing but casual sex.

Don’t date a street photographer.

She has mastered the art of observing people on the street. She may look calm and serene. But just like a predator to its prey, she’s actually waiting for her subject to fill the frame. And she knows exactly when to pull the trigger. She’s sharp like that.

But sometimes, she’s also scared. Too scared, actually, especially when her mind suddenly starts to overanalyze while she waits for something or someone. She sometimes gets scared when the subject gets closer sooner than she expected, leaving her paralyzed and missing the shot.

She can be really patient in love, and with you. But she can be coward, too. So if you can’t sweep her off of her feet, and if you can’t be brave for her, don’t even try to get her name.

Don’t date a street photographer.

She turns the mundane into extraordinary.

Try to visit her blog, or at least her Instagram. She seldom post pictures of  her food or ootd, btw. Look through her feed. She posts faces of people she doesn’t even know. She likes it when people are unaware and when they’re caught off guard. She thinks these are the times people are in their genuine state. And she finds seeing people being so honest to themselves really really beautiful.

Imagine her seeing you like a walking poetry. Imagine her knowing so much about you- your strengths, your flaws- by just looking at you? She can clearly see your imperfections but still thinks you’re magic. Isn’t that too mushy to handle?

Don’t date a street photographer.

She sees the coming and going of people everyday. The more she do street photography, the more she realize how things can be so temporary and how change can be so inevitable . In fact, she shoots in the same city everyday. She says “same city, different day”.

Imagine how hurtful it can be if she can’t promise you forever and if she’s open to the idea that one day things will change and that change may break you apart? Don’t date her because she can be too realistic and honest at times.

She can only promise you to consciously choose to love you over and over again, under any circumstance-rain or shine.

Don’t date a street photographer.

She’ll take millions of candid photos of you. Who wants that? No one.



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