Meet Street Photography, My Therapist

I was diagnosed of having mood and anxiety disorder back in 2013 by “Dr. All is Well” in Laguna, Philippines. From then on, I knew I have to find a way to somehow take control over these monsters within me. He recommended me to take some happy pills to normalize my hormones. But, it wasn’t my kind thing. I thought, I could do something else, something that would make me really feel better. So what did was, I tried to open up to the world. I began to connect with different kinds of people, hear their stories, and share mine. And yes, it worked for me.

I am not saying that I have finally get rid of my mood and anxiety issues, though. In fact they are still here, just a little bit tamed and just waiting to be triggered I guess.

How did street photography help me survive each day under this circumstance?

  • Street photography encourages me to come out from my hiding place


One thing which is very common for people suffering from depression, mood, and anxiety disorder is staying in bed all day, everyday. Thinking about what would probably go wrong with their lives. Street Photography made me realize that there’s a world outside, waiting for me to be explored. I became excited about going out with my camera and finding interesting stuff on the street. And that made me become aware of the kind of things I am interested with. And it’s great to gain more knowledge about oneself while doing something you like.

  • Street photography makes me realize that I am human, different from the rest, but I am human


The thing about being emotionally unstable and being diagnosed of having a disorder is that it sometimes makes you feel that you don’t belong in this world. That, you don’t deserve to be with people because you may just end up getting hurt by them, or you hurting them.

Doing street photography made it clear that we all have our own flaws and that makes us all human. I see people on the street everyday. I document them. And when I look through all these photographs, I see beauty in each of them. They release their energy, their emotions to the environment. Some are happy and laughing really hard, some are angry, some are lost in their thoughts. I mean, I’m no different from them. Maybe yes, slightly different, bu we can all feel, we can all think. We are all human beings.

  • Street photography gave me a chance to see the world beyond me and inspired me to do something great for the people


Since I started doing street photography, I became more aware of my environment. I realized that there are societal issues that needs attention. If you suffer from mood and anxiety disorder, you can agree with me that there are times that you feel so bad about yourself and it will actually occupy your thoughts. Sometimes, you are so absorbed with what’s going on within you that you forget the world.

Doing street photography lead me back to the kind of person I am. I found inspiration in my environment to get back in my dream of serving the people. The more I do street photography, the more firm I become in my convictions. I value justice, human rights, and above all, love. Street photography as an art allows me to see what’s really going on in the society. It opened my eyes and inspired me to do something.


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