Why Street Photography?

October 2016 Macau
  • People usually prefer seeing colorful photographs.
  • People loves photos of dogs and cats.
  • People pay for a magazine to see the photos of their favorite model/ actors in fancy dress and make up.
  • People buy postcards filled with stunning photos of iconic places to send their family and friends.

Question: Do people want to see black and white photos of random people on the street? Do people want to decipher stories in a street photograph? Are they willing to pay a dollar for a black and white street photo filled with faces of strangers?


There are so many significant things happening on the streets which are being undervalued by the society. Basically, these events are undervalued because there are no records, and there are no records because no one really see it as extraordinary. If you ever notice it, you get out and head to work at 7 o’clock in the morning. You get on the bus, get absorbed to your Facebook feed, and then, you get off the bus and get your ass to work. It’s as simple as nothing really mattered during your 30 minute bus ride from your house to your office. But believe me or not, if you just tried to look around and pay attention to the people around you, you’d witness stories unfold before your eyes.

Q: What is street photography?

You don’t need to get a college degree to come up with the correct answer. Street photography is basically the art of taking photos of the street. It’s just taking photos of anything and anyone at any public space.

  • There are artists who take close-up photographs of people’s faces on the street and ends up with stunning series of street portraits.
  • There are artists who take photos of the things they see on the street: funny advertisements, buildings of different types, train and other infrastructures, or even garbage!
  • There are artists who captures human actions and interaction, and they create stories out of these photographs.

Q: Why street photography?

Street photography, to me, is about providing answers for the questions that people may ask 30 or 50 years from now. People may not see the candid photographs of today as something significant or extraordinary but I know,  documenting the nakedness  of the street will be of great importance in the future.

Street photos show

  • the kind of men and women we have in our time
    • the way people dress, the way people act, the way people interact with one another and with their environment
    • the dreams, the hope
    • the fears, the frustrations
  • the kind of evil these men and women deal with everyday
    • conflict and contradictions
    • racism, sexism, poverty, exploitation

Street photography allows me, as an individual, to make sense of the fragments of stories present on the street. It gives me a glimpse of what the world actually looks like. It make me feel more human by getting a full understanding of humanity.

Why Street Street Photography?

Because so far, it’s the only way I can dismantle the beautiful facade of the society and see what’s really there, deep within.


4 thoughts on “Why Street Photography?

    1. joycetagli says:

      Oh Thanks for your kind words, John! I’ll try to be as active on blogging as I can. And btw, you have a really interesting blog. I hope we can make a photo collab if ever you visit South East Asia. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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