3 Things I Learned from Doing Street Photography


  • Live in the moment, the past can sleep for a while, the future can wait for its turn!


It is always difficult for me to not think of the past and of the future. My mind works that way. I understand things by connecting the dots. I know no other way to  fully understand the present situation but to be guided by the past. And from there, I anticipate the probable future. Again, that’s how my mind works.

Surprisingly, whenever I do street photography, I become so conscious of my surrounding. I could still remember the first time I held my camera. It felt like I opened my eyes the first time. And the sound of the shutter was just so beautiful. There was an instant familiarity with how the camera works and how street photography should be done. It was magical.

In fact, I am more into the process of creating the photographs than the photograph itself. Call me insane. But it’s true. It makes me feel alive. And somehow, it makes me believe that for a moment, I can actually be connected with strangers, know their stories, and be part of their story.

Street photography reminded me how important it is to be aware of my environment, to find even just a slight connection with people, to appreciate the beauty of the things around me. It made me realize that the past can sleep for a while, and that the future can be a bit more patient to wait for its turn. All I need to do is listen to the shutter and enjoy creating photos .


  •  We are who we are, it’s okay to be different-we all are!

If there’s one thing I observed on the street which is worth mentioning, it’s the fact that the society has a collection of diverse individuals. Whenever I go out for a shoot, I see how different people are from one another. The difference is noticeable however the society tries to make people look similar, no matter how the society makes us think that being different is bad, really really bad.

In a world that constantly tells people to dress, speak, and act the same way, people tend put on a mask and hide their genuine self. What’s worse? The more people hide it, the more they believe that individuality is sickness, the more they fall for the society’s idea of what kind of person we should be.

That’s why It’s refreshing to see characters in the street, I mean, people who stand out from the crowd. They’re gold.

I realized how, even in doing street photography,  embracing one’s individuality is significant in order to create great photos. As a street photographer, I know from experience that sharing the photo on a blog means giving people the permission to know me as a person, to know what interests me, what intrigues me, what scares me, what makes me feel happy and ecstatic. Given that, self-knowledge and self-acceptance is important in order to communicate well with others through photographs.


  • Shoot from the heart, always

There was a time that I went out for a shoot in order to have something to post on Instagram. And I got nothing after a 2-hour forced street photography experience. LESSON LEARNED.

The thing about street photography is, you can shoot everything in every corner of the street but not everything will have a great impact on you. As a street photographer, I always make sure that the photograph will affect me in some way. If it does not make me feel something, it’s nothing.

When I go out for a shoot, my only goal is to feel something. And my only rule is, to always shoot from the heart.



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